Friday, 26 August 2016

It keeps on giving....

Mandy Patullo's workshop was attended by Patricia too.

but instead of creating a pictorial piece she took hers and cut them up adding in some vintage embroidery pieces.

Her piece for our neutral challenge consists of collaged lace overlaid with random cross stitch and beaded.It has a vintage feel too .

She had been away to Cowslips workshop in Cornwall.

Where she had produced some beautiful little houses

and hanging birds.

Notice more evidence of vintage embroidery being re-purposed.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Making technology work creatively.

Jane loves technology but likes to explore and experiment with what it can be made to do.

Using her industrial embroidery machine and a graphics programme she has 

combined them to create some very individual

applique type designs.

She explained that the process involved scanning and cutting the motifs after they were stitched ,then heating and sealing to the base design.She is one very clever cookie!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Working towards "Flourish" - some images from our August meeting

Work in progress - something's attacking Deryll's lettuces!

Carol has embroidered some text for her coral and carbon dioxide statement piece. We discussed the placement of the other component parts of her embroidery.

Following on from her workshop with Mandy Patullo, Carol has been creating more pieces and has been painstakingly hand quilting her own backgrounds.

A small selection of the hoops in neutral colours which will form our group project.  They have yet to be "tidied up" on the backs and then placed in a suitable arrangement on the wall.  The photo does not do them justice.

Sally amazed us with a folding sketchbook which she had filled with drawings of her garden at its best over the space of one weekend - here are just a few pages (and it will be 2-sided!)

Jane had worked more of her Celtic designs in computerized embroidery and is assembling a  stunning hanging.

Viv has gone back to her first love - plants and flowers - and has produced this small picture.

These are some of Liz's rust prints from found objects on Eastbourne beach, which are going to make a great new piece of work.

She had also continued with her eco-printing of leaves, introducing some good colour from natural-dyed fabrics.

Patricia will be showing some lovely necklaces in the exhibition.  Here is one of them, made with natural and semi-precious stones, as well as textiles of course!

Liz had been on a 5-day bookbinding course with Guy Begbie, printing and cutting into some fascinating paper sequences.

Marilyn had been on a weaving workshop with Margot Selby and produced these samples of the deflected double-weave process, with some very striking designs.  She used a combination of lambswool and rayon fibres.

These red and blue samples are of 3113 pleating, giving amazing texture.

Debby showed how star stitch could be very effective used on its own in different sizes. She had stitched into one grid of a teatowel.  Might this become a brooch?

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Exhibitions and workshops

Liz,as ever ,is busy busy,busy.These pieces are on exhibition in Weston -super-Mare and are inspired by the shore.Liz collects all kinds of rusted metal when walking by the sea .She to uses them to colour  her fabrics and papers,before adding stitch.

Below you see her holding one of the pieces just back from exhibition in Frome with the Contemporary  Quilters.This time she focused on matching her own coloured fabrics with indigo,modern and vintage.

Below some details of the stitch in the panels

A new Eco -dyed piece in progress.

She had attended a workshop with Edwina Mackinnon just the week previous.They had been exploring

Batik with Soya wax.It is more environmentally friendly than beeswax or paraffin and gives just as good results

Liz loves mark -making and we can see how much she enjoyed this.

Further education,collaboration and inspiration.

Ira had been on a visit to her daughter who had persuaded her to work with her on an Advanced higher Art qualification in textiles,a Scottish syllabus.

Ira had begun by mark making .monoprinting and cutting up the results to create these fabrics

She considered John Piper as one of her inspirational artists.

This month she is undecided about Piper .She has to produce 15 A1 size drawings for the course by next May and tells us she will not have time for textiles.Hah! do we believe that .....?

Above is the beginning of her book cover she told us about last month and below her inspiration,a cliff face in Ireland.

Ira has created the piece below for the Norwich Shawls project.Only a photo of a photo as it has gone off to go through the selection process.We wait to see if it is accepted.

Majestic mouse is the inspiration behind the piece.The story is of the mouse who makes himself at home in Granny's work basket.Ira has collected together suitably vintage items and married them with her free machined fabric.The mouse was made by Kirsten.

The tale does not end there ....After completing her Majestic for Ira ,Kirsten was inspired to go on and make a collection of mice for her own piece!

They are such individual characters .We have encouraged her to make her own nest of mice to flourish for Stroud in October