Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Debby had picked up this little pack in Tiger in Cabot Circus and had put it to use making these sweet little brooches and pendants.

She had been on several courses and workshops,these fish were produced on a printing course with Rachel Toon in Queen's road this Summer

and these cranes were etched on plastic sheet.In addition she went to Spike Island for a screen print course

She has begun to work on ideas for her CROWD piece for NiA.

Her inspiration is a piece by Neil Dalrymple.

She has decided to use her signature batik.Her experiments included using gutta and wax rubbing .Then she thought she would go large .The initial stage,above,uses Intense colours ,fabric paint and colourless textile medium over to stop fading.Its application changes the hand of the fabric slightly but as this is a wall piece and will be quilted it is fine.

She was wearing this amazing piece of silk as a scarf.

She had picked it up on one of her visits to Brighton in Ditto fabrics.

So much going on !

Monday, 18 September 2017


I bet you can"t guess who made these? They look as if they've been on the booze but once they are anchored to their perches they'll be just fine.

They have such character and there is a great attention to detail.

As to Crowd ,Kirsten has been making some sketchbook drawings trying to decide her favourite inspiration.

She has also been looking to pare down the recognisable characteristics of chosen birds.We wonder how she will resolve this?

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Slipping into September.

Our numbers were down on usual as September seems to be a popular month for late holidays.We sat in Marilyn's sunny conservatory for our meeting.

Finding it difficult to come to a conclusion with her 'Crowd'  piece Jenn had leapt ahead to thinking about our Newark Park exhibition next May.She had been taken with the blue and white teapots and jug sporting hand painted  bees.She chose some fabrics and stuck them to a base with "gloop"before adding in some stitch and some free machined bees,there is still more to add.

 A recent purchase of a Xcut Xpress machine ,to use for a cheap printmaking press , gave her the opportunity to use a hexagon die to cut out some papers for patchwork,not something she would normally attempt! Some silk samples that had been around for a goodly while were hand pieced in honey hues.

More bees were free machined on a piece of blue silk and will be destined to populate the hive.She also brought along one of three newly framed pieces destined for Nature in Art.

Viv presented her now completed tiny,we do mean TINY,Liberty pieced doll's quilt.It's a shame we forgot to put a coin for scale as they are about the size of 10p piece.


It is to be used on a very old doll's bed and will we are sure be an heirloom of the future.

As normal wadding would be overpowering Viv used a bamboo fabric usually sold for use as dusters !

Monday, 4 September 2017

Over for another year.

This last weekend found us on stand 59 at the South West Quilt and Textile Show.

Members gave demonstrations on the three days of the show.
Here is Jane on the  Sunday setting up her equipment so she could demonstrate how she digitises her original designs,one of which you see to the left .

An overview of some exhibits.....

Goodies on the sales table

and more exhibits.

The show was quite well attended on all three days .We had lots of visitors to our stand who gave lovely comments about the scope and variety .
Now on to preparing for Nature In Art in November.

Stitch and weave.

                                      Sue had found some quiet moments while sitting with her husband to stitch these lovely little fobs.It's surprising what a creative stitcher can create with a few threads and some felt.

Liz had been on one of her many workshops.This time a return visit to the studio of Susie Gillespie in Paignton,Devon.

She had used a shell as her inspiration 

and created these quiet pieces using 

linen ,nettle and cotton yarns.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

More CROWD and some print.

                                      Ira has completed her piece for Crowd at NiA.

                         Details above and below, showing her fabric with paint ,               
stitch,applied cords and sparkles.It will be really interesting to see these alongside their inspiration.

At UWE this coming weekend Ira will be demonstrating one of her favourite techniques,simple print and stitch

Here she has prepared some samples,both use the same hand made print block
but look quite different one from the other.

The choice of colour and stitch technique offer a variety that plays to the creative mind.She uses acrylic paints,the bottom example has metallic copper which adds another dimension.

In this piece she has used a marbling technique on the papers before adding them to a background fabric ,then she has commenced to build up the surface with lots and lots of stitch.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


With our Nature in Art exhibition coming up everyone is working on or completing their pieces.Viv has finished her trees piece inspired by a mirror in the collection.It looks stunning with devore and stitches such as Fly and applied cords.The detail below ,but it looks even better in life.

Jane has completed her pieces and had some framed .

Her inspiration has continued to bear fruit .She used her birds as the motif on a lino printing course she took recently.

They are marching around this tea towel,we loved the colour and their attitude!

They sit nicely on this bag.We thought they would adapt well into stitched badges like those she sells on Etsy.This bird has been stitched an is awaiting mounting on a canvas.

Marilyn ,meanwhile has been auditioning weaving techniques to interpret her chosen Origami piece.

It will be long and thin with double sided pleats.

She told us it would be woven using two shuttles and using some of the Japanese paper yarn we bought last year from Mayumi  Kaneko. In this case dyed by Marilyn.The samples look amazing,just imagine the finished version.You need to visit in November.