Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Who does this remind you of?

Sue had been using some of her cards to play with drawing images of playing cards.By turning upside down the images added colours and textures to her 
drawn images.

An interesting idea and good for recycling.

She also brought out a set of enamels done some time ago .She was wanting some inspiration as to haw she might use them.One idea was to put them singly in a large frame to draw in the eye to the delicious colours.

Another was to use them alone by making them the centre and adding outwards using other media.

They reminded Liz of Cornwall with their colours and shapes.
We think there is scope for much work in these.So Sue,what will result ?

Sunday, 15 January 2017

New year new work.

A new year and our thoughts are turning to the new challenge of creating and presenting work in exhibitions.
This year we will exhibit at the West Country quilt and textile show at UWE 1-3rd September .
Our main exhibition will take place in Nature in Art Twigworth in 3-17 thOctober.
We are going to use some of the 50 best loved exhibits to inspire us,at least in part.

Deryll has chosen to work from this ceramic piece .She was drawn to the textures impressed into the surface and its obvious landscape reference.
It is "Pebble Vase ''by Alan Walworth.

Here she has started to look at ways of using stitch to create textures,and her statement couronnes make an appearance.

Using a 'wing'needle and loose weave fabrics make the fibres react ,bunching together and creating areas of delicate texture.

Jane has chosen this 10th century Persian bowl.

She liked the chaos of the figures which parade around the dish.There are symbols too and Jane thought they might be calligraphic and symbolic of something so she thought best not to include these in anything she might create.

She has started to draw some of the bird like creatures and has thought to replace the symbols with spirals or other marks.This will obviously link with her love of Celtic calligraphy.
Sally said she had been drawn to this bowl too and it had been added as 51st object by Simon Trapnell because of her choice! There was some discussion as to how interesting it would be to see how they might treat the subject matter and what might result.We shall have to wait and see.

Monday, 2 January 2017

End of year meeting .

With the build up to Christmas and New Year routines become more difficult to adhere to .So,with another meeting fast approaching ,the blog needs to be brought up to date.There are a number of items which have not been blogged about ,so apologies if they all come in one fell swoop!

Debby brought an ornament made at Tyntesfield and called pinwork.
She had also unearthed a "round robin" quilting piece that had started life as a piece of 'ugly grey felt.She thought it didn't particularly work so we gave her suggestions of cut it up and reassemble,put it in the washing machine and to burn back some of the areas covered with the organza to reveal the underlying areas .

Sally had framed some of her 'found' assemblages.There were several opinions about this,some thought they were better as she had them previously ,others thought they looked better in threes.That's it with GTA but whatever the artist listens and goes away to make up their own mind.

Jenn had seen the idea of decorating tags on Designmatters for Christmas and had shared it .Sally true to form,brought a piece she had done in 2007 of Cranes in Spain. 

Created on tags and hung from handmade tassels

Viv had been thinking ahead to Nature in Art in October this year.
Put the date in your diaries OCTOBER 3-15TH
We will be linking at least some of our work to a piece in the collection.Viv has chosen a piece by Alardus  vanden Bosch.

it uses trees as its inspiration and Viv plans to work with velvet and discharge like this piece below which she did with plastic doilies!

Sue enjoys working with the embellisher ,fibres of all kinds and COLOUR.

This was a purchase at the west Country show in November,a luscious ball of sari silk.
Below is a piece she is working on,adding to with her variety of fibres.

Ira had been away in Wales and had picked up this beautiful rock on one of the beaches she visits regularly.She draws wonderfully,and was looking to work from realism into abstraction.These are some of her preliminary observation drawings.

No doubt we'll begin to see  some textile work emerge from these despite her 

saying she has done none since last May

 Kirsten couldn't come without some felt ,this one is hollow.she'slooking forward to a workshop with Gladys Paulus this year .

These were from a workshop learning how to dye aluminium sheet and then using to create jewellery pieces.

This stunning quilt  is one she's sitting and hand piecing while sitting in the evenings.It looks like a kaleidoscope!

Marilyn has to work with fibres but this time it was knitting but not just any knitting .....

this is knitted all in one piece!

and currently on her needles a PAIR of socks.

Liz brought a quilt based on rust marks in the landscape .It was to do with SAQA 'Made in Europe' and destined for a competition in USA.

She had done a lot of workshops just recently ,among them this collgraph course.

She produced stunning results using very ordinary materials ,such as foil,parcel tape and nail varnish!

This is the plate for the top print.

She had also been on a workshop for the Chinese thread book inside above ,cover below.

Jenn had continued with her seed pods.She had been having fun with a session on her Gelli plate looking at the patterns within.She printed into an A6 sketch book and has begun to add in collage and further marks.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Quick fix.

Running short on time,cards,energy,ideas?

Here's a brilliant idea that Deryll brought to show.
Take a sheet of paper or fabric,about A3 or A4 in size.Sort out your snippets of ribbon,fabrics,ric-rac,papers that are really too small to be useful.Choose a shape.....triangle for Christmas tree,circle for bauble etc. and cut out about eight.Add some small coloured backgrounds to the base then place shapes on top.Add ribbons,braids etc to decorate the shapes,Stitch or stick in place ,you can use decorative machine stitches if you like.Photocopy in colour as many times as you need.These can then be cut up and stuck to cards or parcel tags to use for sending or attaching to gifts.Advantage you send or give something handmade and use up your tiny leftovers........WIN WIN.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Annual Christmas Lunch.

We came together as usual but this meeting is always a little different as we eat together ,all of us providing something for the table .

We have our 'show and tell' and any business beforehand(More of this later).We then clear away and lay a festive table before enjoying a meal together .

As you can see we have a lovely spread with plenty of delicious treats,savoury and sweet.It is a lovely way to round off the year.

Four of our lovelies enjoying a warm!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Leaves and books .

Liz continues her adventures with Eco dyeing.She is currently doing an online course and finding out more about the subject.

She manages to keep so many things on the go,this quilt was going in to an exhibition with Contemporary Quilters West.

And as if that wasn't enough she has revived her interest in bookmaking!

Ira surprised us all by just producing this piece from a few years ago.She normally says she has nothing then proceeds to pull piece after piece from her bag.She'll surprise us in January!