Monday, 27 February 2017


Sue has been using her glorious colour to add to her embellished piece.

She has laid in some interestingly textured yarns and added in hand stitching.

Where she has used the embellisher the fabric has been distorted and created 'humps"

We thought she could emphasise this characteristic and pad the underside.

This little piece had had threads and some cutouts from lace embellished to the surface.It would make a very sweet and useful bag.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

West Country Quilt and Textile Show 2017

Here are a couple of pictures taken of the GTA stand and exhibition at the West Country Quilt and Textile Show in November

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Maria Stewart.

This is the pot by Maria Stewart chosen by Jenn.

She has been experimenting very loosely with applying paint to paper and fabrics in the style of the artist

This fabric  fragment above uses the "crashing "technique.Layer of fabric,bondaweb without its paper,solufleece,then free machine stitch before hovering an iron over it.The fabric shrinks and bubbles.

Early days as to where and to what this might lead.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Foreign travel.

Sally had left for Sri Lanka, the Maldives and the Seychelles just two days after our December meeting ,and had returned about midnight the night before this meeting.She was obviously tired and had done no stitching.We chided her for neglecting to bring her sketch book of her travels but we know it will appear.

She had been taken with the same plate as Jane from NiA.iN fact it was included because of Sally.She had ideas of a scroll or broken and smashed fragments .We thought it would be interesting to see how two people might interpret the same object.
She created a lovely zig zag book of her Autumn garden last year.She had plans 

to use her time at her Thursday drawing group to explore her Spring garden .So we look forward to seeing how different it will be.


Debby brought along this little bag,chosen because of the woman stitching and because she loves the painting bought from the museum.Sorry but the painter's name escaped us!

She brought a selection of her brooches and told us about her success selling through a new outlet.The shop is in Westbury on Trym called 'We Make Bristol' The concept is that you rent a shelf  from the proprietor and display your wares.They manage the selling,take a commission and the rest comes to the  artist.Debby did very well in the run up to Christmas and has been promoted to a more prominent place in the shop.Do go and see for yourself.

She had looked at the NIA objects and wondered whether to stick to insects and irridescence as her inspiration or to work outside her comfort zone.........printing from ACTUAL fish was mooted!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Onion skins and rose petals.

Liz has continued to explore Eco dyeing,she has been doing an online course.She has used onion skins and rose leaves,petals.Although these scarves  have very distinct marks she is not happy with using vinegar as part of the process.The smell clings to the fabric despite washing.

She has very good results with her own process,but it is always good to try other methods ,at least you can add or reject.

She also decided to begin a Stitch a day hoop after seeing something on Instagram.She is just pulling out the thread from her stash with no regard to matching colours and doing a new stitch a day.

The really exciting news she had was having a quilt accepted for SAQA .This quilt was one of 30 out of 90 to be accepted.It will be sent to America and will tour in exhibition until September of this year!The quilt was on Display last year at Newark park.The one you see above is in progress for Festival Of Quilts this year.Liz is adding texture to it.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Marilyn's weavers are taking part in  producing another calendar .They had a very successful one last year which was reprinted as it did so well.
The inspiration is a sea slater ,apparently a woodlouse but one that lives under water.She wasn't too taken with the colours as they were drab and grey,so did something on the computer to enliven them.She has to have 20 samples completed by the end of January.This is her sampling so far,using pens to colour the yarns just to try out the background colours.

Carol had taken part in an Annette Emms workshop.

They used wool blanket as a base and lightly embellished scrim on top .The rest was appliqu├ęd and stitched adding lace .Carol wasn't too happy with the braided wool tops.We didn't think it added anything to the piece.

This little hare was created by laying bondaweb between two layers of calico.It stiffens the base which can then be drawn into.

This is a delightful piece which would work in a frame,or be put to use on a special cushion,bag or book wrap.Carol has made this technique her own.