Thursday, 11 January 2018

Church Vestment making

Liz has been busy making a Christmas / Easter Chausible and Stole in memory of her Mum for her family church- St Mary's, Walsgrave, Coventry. It's all silk with appliqué of lilies, gold work and strip piecing. The symbol of Mary is 3 lilies in the form of a fleur de lis hence depicting 3 lilies on the vestments. The 3 lilies are also to be found on each stained glass window in the church. 
Here's a picture of the Vicar wearing them on Christmas morning.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Bits and pieces.

Carol is still ruminating on what will be her focus for Newark.In the meantime she undertook a little challenge for Quilters Guild.They were each given bits  of Kaffe Fassett fabric and challenged to create something.Her little offering is the sweet little brooch pictured above. 

She had also been beavering away making flower and garden cards.

Debby has an idea that she will base her work on the blue and white tiles at Newark,maybe incorporating lino cuts on fabric.

As is usual she brought alongside interesting finds.

This is a new  ribbon shop in Bath 'VV ROULEAU'

Lots of delicious, but be warned EXPENSIVE ,ribbons,braids and laces.

Tick tock

Ira had continued exploring the clock pieces.
Using some torn photographs and her 'melted'foils before adding stitch and beads.
She had been clearing out a chest at home and  turned up these pieces .

We likened them to the work of John Piper.

They relate to Medieval tiles.

She has an article relating to some of her work in the latest 'Be Creative with Workbox'

Photos of interior spaces.

Sally said she was directionless.......ha!

She had taken photos,especially within the kitchen,and had made postcard size mixed media pieces.Her inclination was for a strip book,we thought they would look very good grouped together as one larger piece.

Looking out and down.

Deryll has also decided on windows but the view through them.
 She began by playing around with collage and adding drawing to extend the view ,intending to create a triptych.
However ,it did not please her so she rejected it as a workable idea.

Instead she has pieced a number of green fabrics in a long thin shape and will work her magic on this .

Viv,meanwhile was fascinated with the once magnificent ,but now threadbare carpet.

She has looked at the colours and motifs within and has begun to

sample 'reverse applique'
It's quite amazing how a place can provide such rich inspiration for such diverse talents.

New work for Newark

Jane,like many of us,visited the Grayson Perry exhibition at the Arnolfini.She really liked the hanging above and the layers he managed to depict.

It gave her an idea and a starting point for her Newark work.

She took a photograph of the window above the stairs at Newarkand used Photoshop and her embroidery software to create a five colour gradient and sfumato.

This took ten colours ,making use of Madeira 'frosted', which are matte threads and the shiny rayon ones

She intends it to be a free standing piece three sections.

Sally is holding up the mid section.There is a great deal of working out and playing around before it comes to this .Jane is a technical wizard!

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Last meeting of 2017.

As is usual for our final meeting we each make a card,

they are put into a basket and shuffled.

The basket is passed from person to person

and a card is selected until there are none left.

It is not until they are opened are we able to see who has created our card.
Every year they are a delight and entirely 'one offs',
this year trees seem to be a favourite motif.